The Best Low Impact Exercise Solutions For Better Fitness

Many people who are trying to get in better shape believe that they can only do so through intense, high-impact workouts. However, by doing so, they run the risk of injuring themselves and causing further trauma to their bones and joints. Through low impact exercise, you can get in better shape without hurting yourself.

Low impact workouts do not necessarily have to be light and easy. You can still break a sweat doing low impact exercises. The key to low impact exercising is simply that one foot is always in contact with the ground. The intensity of the workout is up to you.

The simplest and easiest form of low impact workout is a good, brisk walk. A 45-minute walk at a good clip can burn up to 180 calories for the average person. The best thing about walking is that you do not need any special equipment.

Just put on a good pair of comfortable shoes and head out the door. Your neighborhood has everything that you need for a good workout. As you get in better shape, start increasing the length of your walks. Mix things up by adding some hills for more intensity.

Climbing steps is another good form of low impact workout. You can use a climbing machine at the gym, or you can just find a flight of stairs and start climbing. If you live on the upper floor of a building, take the stairs instead of automatically reaching for the elevator button.

Going upstairs increases your heart rate and makes you sweat, since you are lifting yourself against the force of gravity. As with any form of exercise, if you start to feel faint or dizzy, be sure to stop and take a break. This is particularly important while climbing stairs, so that you do not fall.

Hop on your bike for a brisk ride! Cycling is a great way to get a good, low impact workout. If the weather does not cooperate, take a ride on a stationary cycle at the gym. See if spin classes are offered in your area. These are a fun way to get a good workout.

Swimming is another great form of low impact exercise. During a 45-minute session, you can burn as many as 330 calories. If you have existing joint problems, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. The water supports your body, taking your weight off of your joints.

Using a rowing machine is another good way to get a low impact workout. Every muscle in your body gets used when you use a rowing machine, and it is particularly good for the upper body and back.

If you want to lose weight and get in shape without putting undue stress on your joints, these low impact choices are a great idea. Try some of them out today to see which you like best. Before long, you will look and feel a whole lot better!